The Healing House Project
The Healing House Project
Dedicated to the well-being of people with cancer and their families
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The Healing House Project

The Healing House vision started in 1995.  I was working at a local hospital with a cancer center.  Two of my coworkers were diagnosed with breast cancer.  I saw firsthand the difficulties of managing a life that included arduous treatments, family life and work.  And these are just the logistical details.  What about the emotional impact of a cancer diagnosis on the patient as well as the family?  Where can a person newly diagnosed with cancer go for support, resources and services beyond the medical treatment?  Where is there a community that can create hope an provide inspiration for those in treatment? 
Another coworker spouted off one day, "Why can't cancer patients get everything they need in one place?!"  The answer in my head, "They can and they should," was the seed of The Healing House Project .  In January of 2015 I began to began to seriously research the possibilities.  I discovered The Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope and Healing in Lewiston, Maine.  This Center provides everything I had envisioned!  And, as importantly, it has created a community that provides hope and inspiration to people at any stage of their cancer journey.  Just watch this video to see what the center means to a cancer patient
Imagine a Center like this exists in Northeast Massachusetts to serve people affected by cancer in our region.  
In October I volunteered at the Dempsey Challenge which is the Dempsey Center's annual fundraiser.  What an inspiring event!  The love and support of all of the staff and volunteers was amazing.  Seeing families and friends participating in the Challenge in honor of their loved ones and watching the survivor walk is moving beyond description.
In July 2015 I left my job in healthcare to pursue this vision full time.  I'll be the first to say that I don't know how it is going to get done but, I believe it will happen, with your help.
Thanks for your interest,
Dina Crawford, MHA

How Can You Help?
  • Read The Healing House vision and decide you want to help
  • Tell your friends!
  • Introduce interested parties to the project
  • Share ideas about we can make The Healing House a reality
  • Share ideas about funding sources
  • Introduce a potential celebrity benefactor to the project
  • Sign up for the mailing list on the contact page
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